Welcome home, me.

I’m back, I’m jetlagged, I’m trying to catch up with work. I get a phone call.

Israeli marketing guy: Is this Mishpachat G—-?

Me: Yes.

Israeli marketing guy: Are you the wife?

Me: Yes.

Israeli marketing guy: I’m calling from Makor Rishon, a dati leumi newspaper and we’d like you to join our readership, bla bla…

Me: Thanks, but we don’t need that right now.

Israeli marketing guy: We don’t need you, either. We are looking for dati leumi families to join this network of Makor Rishon… bla bla… You are dati, aren’t you?

Me: Sort of. Still don’t need it. Bye.

I missed Israel so bad… right?





2 responses to “Welcome home, me.”

  1. Shelley Avatar

    ha! love it.

    I always say canada has the worst costumer service and when people argue and say that israel is the worseI just say, no israel doesn’t claim to have customer service which makes canada worse. case in point:

    talking to rogers AT&T national customer service rep in 2003 about my cellphone that hadn’t worked since I bought it:

    me: you’ve provided the worst customer service I’ve ever had
    rogers guy: no we haven’t.

    oh, sorry, my mistake. thank you for correcting me.

  2. Avi Avatar

    I think the same guy called me … two days in a row.

    Me: I don’t want it
    Rude Makor Rishon guy: WHY? (in a rude and incredulous way, not the nice way of annoying American telemarketers).

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