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Story of Passover (child labor edition)

It’s ok to help mother with cleaning for Passover. It might not be ok for her to involve the children in sanitizing her toxic home office. Also, the first time a child discovers a vacuum cleaner is super fun. Me: How do you say vacuum b’ivrit? Him: Maybe ‘vachuum’ (וחיום)?

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We thought we saw it all, Bnei Brak. Then you do this.

Kashrut enthusiasts! Kosher-keeping container collectors, gather round! You’ve seen the blue Dairy stickers… You’ve used the red Meat stickers… You’ve stuck on green Pareve stickers… You’ve dusted off the purple Passover stickers… And now, for a limited time only, you have the stunning option of adorning your most chametzidik dishware with the one, the only… …’Sold […]

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The fish, the shark and Passover.

When Gilad Shalit was 11, he wrote a short story called “When the Shark and the Fish First Met.” Though it seems this was originally published and spread around in 2008, I only came across it now via Facebook shares. It resonates with me because I did a lot of short story writing when I was […]

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Do Israeli kids ever learn the fire safety lesson?

The answer, sadly, is no. There is an unhealthy Israeli-Jewish obsession with fire in the springtime. It starts today – with Biyur Chametz, the burning of chametz, which is done on erev Pessach. Soon will be Yom Haatzmaut – the national barbecue bonanza, and after that, Lag B’omer, which pretty much celebrates bonfires the way it’s done here. […]

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American taste since…

Ah, the good old days. Pesach celebrated with the family back in America. My grandmother’s Sephardi dishes, my brothers’ haggadah-reading entertainment.  And of course, who could hold an American Pesach seder with the family without this gem of an experience:  Kedem grape juice! I know plenty of American olim who claim that it’s better than […]

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A Passover bonus for everyone.

This is sweet. My company gave us our usual Passover bonuses in the form of gifts bought via Sderot, so that Sderot vendors make some money off of the deal as opposed to vendors elsewhere. Since the population of Sderot has been suffering for years now, and business has suffered along with it, there has […]

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Are your medicines kosher for Passover?

Here’s reason #678 for aliyah: The Clalit health clinic, one of the four major health insurance programs in Israel, has a place on their website for determining if the medicines in your cabinet are kosher for passover. You can check it out here (works better in IE). You can type the name of the medicine […]