starting… now.

i guess i’m starting to understand why someone would wanna post their journal online… i guess that takes some sort of guts or maybe just boredom…

i’m doing it (blogging) in order to track my aliyah process for people who are thinking about it for themselves or are wondering, ‘why the hell would someone want to move to israel?’ and also for my friends to follow how it’s going so i don’t have to explain the same thing a hundred times. i’ll probably be doing that anyway because everyone will wanna know what’s going on individually…

anyways, this is my aliyah process – the experience from my view…

so i’ve been seriously thinking about making aliyah for 2 years, and throughout that time the motivations, reasons, process has evolved. it’s been an adventure, but i kinda feel like it’s only beginning. i’m sure there is more of that to explore later on.

aliyah: rising up – in plain english, a term for a jew to move to the biblical land of eretz yisroel, now known as the state of israel (with some political adjustments). i’m not really just doing it for biblical reasons at all. there are so many reasons and so many angles. politically, religiously, socially… for adventure, for purpose, for a career.

there’s so much to explain! what am i made up of? what has led me here? where do i think i’m going (that’s not all that important) – where am i now? where do i stand?






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