clarification #219

let me clarify. be proud of where you come from. you don’t come from a place that represses you on a daily basis. you have so many options and all that other cliche american fantasyness.

no, let me clarify. you walk in a store and you can AFFORD to spend a whole 20 minutes choosing which flavor Snapple to buy, drink 3/4s of, and then toss the empty bottle away. 20 minutes on a flavor. guess what? in other places it takes 5 minutes to rape a 14-year-old girl and about 15 seconds to say the phrase that legally disowns her from her family.

oh, you don’t like that? i thought all you do is care for politics.

be proud of our sports, our films, our silliness, that we can afford to be silly. we have the RIGHT and the TIME and the MONEY to be silly!

we’re different, everyone’s different and for that we have a national identity. we’re not confused, despite all the types and colors and personalities. we get it. where’s your grandfather from?

yeah, there’s a lot of stuff we’re not proud of. but do you think the french are proud they let germany walk all over them in world war two? but guess what, they’re not ashamed to be french. the british fucked up the entire globe, but they still hail the beatles and fried fish.

just chill out with the politics!






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