what now?


what is this post college harold and kumar reality i am currently enrolled in?

when did this sneak up on me and grab me by the ankles? they didnt tell me about this after they handed me my honors certificate or bound thesis. did i work my ass off for four years to sit on a couch focused on the lightbulbs talking to me through the absynth and pot?


i got it. i worked really hard so i’m taking it one day at a time. i majored in liberal arts. the art of no practical future. its ok, i enjoyed myself, and it’s probably time for a new project. i majored in israel action, and i acted and i’m in israel, and now what?


well, it’s all good either way. i’ll find some money and i’ll figure out the next step. probably not before watching ‘old school’ or ‘freddie got fingered’ a few more times, but that’s because there’s plenty of weed to go around. and in all these ‘generation me’ movies, those post college nothingness junkies end up figuring themselves out in the end. no matter how much they fuck up in between.






Whadya got: