ta'anit esther.

Mothers, sisters, daughters of Israel!

We are ‘liberated’ in today’s society – so why aren’t we working?

Don’t slack off when it comes to working for Bnei Yisroel!
Don’t forget your roles in saving the Jews from the evils of the world and saving the Jews from themselves!

Remember your power. Sons look to their mothers, fathers listen to their daughters.
Remember Esther, Ruth, Devora, Miriam.

Wake up while there is still so much power left in our hands.

This is the time for the women of Israel to realize their power and their roles. We have a lot of work to do – don’t you see the mess we Jews are in? It’s up to us to wake up.

Aren’t we ‘liberated’ after all? But we always were liberated – only now the rest of the world is realizing it. So why haven’t we surpassed Esther’s valor and bravery? Where are our guts? Why are we sleeping in laziness and spoiledness?

Tomorrow (Ta’anit Esther), think of Esther. She is our guide. Think if you could do the same for your family in exile and your family b’aretz. She was a Jewish daughter, like all of us. We have as much as she had – or we could if we worked harder at it.

Sometimes, when the tasks require balls, it takes a real woman to complete it.

We’re still where we were 2,000 years ago. Israel is a mess and exile is worse. Men have been trying and failing for too long. If you want to see your children living happily in a Jewish world, make sure a Jewish world still exists.

Meaningful fast, happy Purim!

P.S. – i send this to the men too because someday, if you’re not already, you will be married to great awesome Jewish women. know what powers you are dealing with (if you can weed through silly japs) and make sure she lives up to Miriam-Esther standards.






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