do what am i gonna do.

so tonight i was doing a lot of figuring out what i’m going to do.

here’s some stuff i came up with:

– come back to the states mid-june
– go back when ulpan starts for bar ilan, which is prob beginning to mid-august
– if i dont want to go through ulpan again, volunteer on kibbutz instead (learn same if not more hebrew)
– sublet an apartment for august/september before school starts from someone who is leasing in august but doesnt need it till school (contracts typically begin in august here) that way i can look for a permanent apartment with a good roomate situation and location for my convenience with a little leisure, unlike i did when i got here because i was flustered and rushed
– bar ilan prob starts after the holidays
– work in technical writing, which has a great starting salary if i land it right (i could totally live on my own, i’d be fine on that salary – 10,000 shekels a month – thats great for a single person, i could even put money into savings)

the problem is what to do over the summer – i want either:
– a job i can just make money doing so i can save
– an internship in tech writing so i can gain experience because i wont find a job if i dont have experience

one more part of a plan is i heard about a mini course in conflict management where afterwards you are qualified to be a practitioner – it’s a month after pesach, perfect timing. it’s a lot of money but i figured might be worth the investment if afterwards i learn more about the degree im planning on doing and have more information to decide.

i gotta call some people this week to research and find out definites.






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