seasonal message

to any americans (or non-israelis) that are vehemently opposed to the disengagement of gush katif and shomron (including americans who are vehemently opposed or pro a lot of things in israel to the point of constant criticism and verbal attacks and extremism, and there are more than you think, i know many myself and they aren’t even out of college yet):

if you really care about what happens in gush katif, the shomron, yerushalyim, israel in general – if you dont want disengagements from biblically israeli land – if you want mashiach and you want eretz yisroel reinstated – i have two suggestions:

1. move to israel. disengagement is made possible by a terribly low number of jews actually living in israel and taking up land, making it fortifiable. your excuses are boring. the people who stay behind will take care of galut-relations. materialism is boring. get your act together and make disengagement a thing of the past. it wouldn’t be an option if we had enough jews here to hold the forts already built.
2. work at becoming better jews. i dont know how ready we as a nation are for something like the grand “Eretz Yisroel”, the biblical israel concept, when most of us don’t deserve the goodness we’ve been given by God already. the state of moshiach is a pitiful pathetic dream with the way we act as a nation and individually.

that’s a passover/shavuot message. pass it on.






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