Bar Ilan Day

i had 5 goals for today:

-1- toar sheni office to check my status – (done with success)
-2- letter of acceptance for scholarship – (done with success)
-3- course schedule so i can attend a couse – (done with success)
-4- conference on israel in the world – (attended with success)
-5- attend a class – (not done; tried, but class was moved or canceled)

that is the FIRST time i went to Bar Ilan to get something done and has non-frustrating sucess!

it was an important visit to get my morale up now that it seems to be the plan for the next couple of years. being there reminded me what i’m about, part of why i am here. i need a push, i need reminders. that was the first major one. i’m feeling re-energized.

also: it’s really something to be attending a university that posts ‘asher yatzar’ outside the bathroom doors. zionism.






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