strikes and gutters.

ups and downs.
my second aliyah is coming along naturally.

so, i hadn’t eaten all day and i was craving felafel since there’s not much else to eat in the 9 days and i pounded pizza last night.
i showered. i got dressed. i opened my wallet to see how much money was in there.
six shekel.
oh man, that wont buy a felafel on emek! i took out my bank card as well so i’d take out money and then go to the felafel place, since the bank is on the way.
and so i went. life’s a mess but i’m walking. i’m happy. i’m chillin.
i get to the bank. it’s not mine, but that’s ok. i put in my card. put in a pin number. not mine. oops. cancel. ok, tried again. not my pin number. oops. tried again.
and thus, the caspomat ate my bank card and told me politely to fuck off and go to my bank branch and collect it later on.
‘b-but you’re not my bank -‘
‘fuck off.’
‘b-but im hungry -‘
‘fuck off.’
so i continued on my merry way to find the felafel store thinking i could look cute and ask the guy to give me a smaller portion or i’ll pay him back later or something.
i arrive cheerily at the felafel stand and, behold!

a felafel is only six shekel.






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