oh, and…

hi mom,

the fast was fine, i went to a lecture about looking at the holocaust and other jewish tragedies and trying to find god mixed up in it all. i also visited the tayelet nearby (promenade) and watched jerusalem as i heard aicha read.

in answer to your question, my friends are generally split about the gaza thing. some are very right wing (anti disengagement) and some are very left wing (pro) and many just dont know what to think, which tends to translate as, well, if the government issues something, we are loyal.

i have been struggling for an opinion since last year, and i guess where it winds up is that im anti disengagement as it is happening in this way, and pro if it would happen in a different way – i belong to natan sharansky’s camp that says look, if its necessary for the country’s security, fine, but this very quick unilateral pullout is a bit hasty, and im also weary of this automatic creation of a tiny palestinian state in gaza run by hamas. i mean, u have to be a moron to think it wont happen.

i could go on and on. its not an easy topic to just explain away in a few sentences. im going out to buy a paper later.

oh, and today (monday) is really only soldiers knocking on everyones door handing them eviction notices… a symbolic thing i suppose since they all really know by now, whether they admit it or not. 63% of settlers have either left already, or have decided to go quietly. i imagine that will increase a bit in the next 24 hours. the eviction notice is giving them 48 hours to deal.

wednesday is when the party begins.

another week in israel. be well.






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