three for three, a complete set

First part of Succot down, making this the beginning of the end of me having spent a full year in israel Shalosh-Regalim-wise.

Recap: Last Pessach was in Mitzpe Netufa, up north, with crazy family; Last Shavuot was down south, Beer Sheva;
and now I’ll have a complete set, with succot in Jerusalem in the succah i built with my Israel ‘family’ (consisting of my brother, roomate, and an Aussie guy).

Pics of the Succah-building

On erev chag, it was really just this crisp feeling: cool Jerusalem air, blue light streaming in through the walls, warm food, amazing company, and the not-so-distant sounds of people across Baka praying, eating, conversing…






Whadya got: