The Israeli post office: a common language in frustration.

“All my life I have been inconsolably grieved about two things. I was not born in Jerusalem, not even in the Land of Israel. And my speech, from the moment I was able to utter words, was not in Hebrew.”
– Eliezer Ben-Yehuda, 1918

Ok, EBY. I agree with you – If ONLY I had been born speaking Hebrew. Then I wouldn’t have had so much trouble at the &*%$# post office this morning.

On a different note:
I noticed that me and this Israeli-Arab guy in front of me in the long line at the post office have at least one thing in common. When we step up to the teller to do out business, we say ‘shalom’, hand our paperwork and money, look away to avoid conversation, and then say ‘todah’ when she gives back the receipt and change.
I wander what else we might have in common…






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