Good טוב luck מזל

Mazal tov!

So I want to let you all know that I got engaged last night… “Got engaged”, it’s a funny way to say it, isn’t it, as if, you couldn’t help it – oops, got engaged!

So before I say anything else: He’s Australian. Done. There was no way I couldn’t marry him. Made aliyah around the same time as I did (which was about a year ago)… We met in August… I attached a photo or two since pretty much all of you have never met him… Get a feel for what he’s like in a visual… If you want to know more, ask. Such is life from overseas…

Plan is to get married (there it is again, ‘get’ married, oops!) in the beginning of August, after Tisha B’Av… (probably Tu B’Av).

So that’s news. I’ll be back in New York for two weeks Feb 7th… Hang out then…

Mazal tov!

P.S. yes, I eat Vegemite, and yes, I actually like it…






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