Hall-y crap!

So the past two weeks of being engaged have been:

a. busy
b. a bit stressful
c. a bit frustrating
d. fun
e. exciting

That’s not just an American style test… It really has been all 5…

We solidified the photographer (Aussie) and videographer (American) first and second. I guess that was so easy and quick because that aspect should be high quality (all the overseas family that won’t be there) and I won’t chance with the pushy obtrusiveness of an Israeli (or Brooklynite)…
The location and band are coming up in a close third and fourth, to be determined finally next week (to the hopes and excitement of my exasperated fiancee).
Since we are aiming for a popular date, Tu B’Av (August 9th), we are rushing the major aspects of planning to account for the crowds and snatching of good wedding resources.






Whadya got: