Tipping point.

So I’m leaving Israel for New York on a two week trip. Really, I got the ticket for a low low price and I’m allowed to work from home to save vacation days, so it was just a convenient way to visit my parents. After getting engaged, I needed a trip home to see my family and closest friends anyway.

And this time is different than last June, drastically: Now, my entire life is here in Jerusalem. The scales are totally tipped to Israel. I couldn’t spend much more time in NYC anyway because there isn’t much for me there anymore. All I can do is visit and – kind of be a tourist… Weird.

It just makes me feel more committed to where I am right now – in location, in career, in life. All that is good and whole is in Israel right now, except for parts of my family. It’s a new perspective to be opened up to now. Israel is now my home – political and religious connotation aside.






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