The Big N-Y-C… again.

Oh, New York City.

I didn’t realize just how much I missed it before I left. Or at least, that it’s relative. In Israel, before I left, I was itching for a vacation anyway, and more than that, to be back in NYC for even just these two weeks.

And then the day after I landed I went to work in Manhattan at the NY office, and damn. It hit me like the cold air slapped me when I left the airport: I love NY. I miss it when I’m not here. And similarly, I miss Israel when I’m not there. Even moreso. It’s a bit of culture shock. I’m a bit different I think, but that could also be because of my degree, making me forthright and assertive in order to see results. That transformation is interesting to watch here more than Israel.

Well for now, I’m shopping to make up for alll the not-shopping I did for the last 6 months, enjoying skyscrapers and ridiculous silly politics (yes, more silly than Israeli, I daresay). Oh, and the NY Times. And driving. And red meat. And speaking Shaolin English. And I could go on and on…






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