(x) + (x – 3) + (x + 1) = conflict.

Lately I have been pondering one specific conflict I find myself caught in amongst the rest.

I think this is a conflict most, if not all, people experience. It comes out in election time, it comes out when thinking about provocative issues. I want x for the world. I want to see the world being x. Now, it is not a coincedence that I also either am x, or hope to be x myself. basically, there is this ideal for me called x. And I think x is quite fair and just. And beneficial to society.

However, the problem is that everyone has their own x. Compared to mine, it might be x + 1 or x – 3. And as everyone sees their x as ideal, no one can ever agree or manage their ideal x’s with everyone else’s.

And so you have heated debates, violent elections and hate crimes.

I wonder how I can be in conflict management and manage this paradox. (They don’t teach us that in the degree…)






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