Hasn't been a Lizrael Update in a while.

Last week was a long stressful week. So was the week before.

This week is proving to be just as.

But! My last day of Bar Ilan for the year is this week. Rephrase: Last day of classes. I have finals in July. And at some point there are a lot of rather large papers due.

Looking back, I might have done something differently about this degree. Maybe done it somewhere else or been more assertive throughout. It’s not over; next year I’ll be working on my second thesis (I guess I am into S&M on some levels) which should be quite a trip once I decide on a topic. I don’t necessarily have regrets. No matter what, I’m learning something.

But I like studying and I’m going to continue doing it for as long as I can, whether formally or not. Ok, so I already have plans for when I finish this degree. I don’t think that’s a bad thing, though.

On another note, I’ve been having college-pangs (and I don’t think that’s pathetic at all!). It could be a mix of my job and the fact that maybe deep down I miss America/my friends. Maybe I underestimated how traumatic it is to leave a place you’ve been for four years with the same people. It could also be that I really really miss the person I was in college.

One thing they don’t tell you about aliyah is how much you won’t recognize yourself after awhile. Is this a new me I’m supposed to get comfortable with? I hope not. I hope so. I dunno.

Well, to tie it all together: Working a full time job, attending full time grad school and full time wedding planning is NOT easy, as I was right to assume back in December when I realized my life was about to get even more complicated than usual. But It’s six months later and I’m still standing, sorta.

Whatever the next few months bring, I’m on it. Maybe not like I used to be back in my college days, but for all my changing, I can still carry the weight.






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