Just another manic Sunday…

Working for an American hi tech company in Israel is sometimes like working in an American hi tech company in America.

Most of the time, though, it’s not.

I majored in English and Political Science in my BA and have experience in journalism and political actvisim. Is that enough to get me a pretty damn good job in marketing for an Internet company on the stock exchange? Is it enough for me to be allowed to get a job I can love, a job that lets me be creative; puts the crayons in my hand and says, (politely) ‘draw’?

In America, absolutely not. In America, I would have to claw my way for years after getting cozy with the fax machine for awhile. In America, I wouldn’t even want a creative marketing job.
In Israel, where my talents are a. speaking English and b. speaking English with an American accent, I can get that far, and have. I think my company has the good sense to combine Israeli creativity with American business sense. Also Israeli laid-backness, friendliness and non-attention to detailness, which most of the time, produces happier and more morally motivated employees.

What does that leave for the American business sense component? All the other stuff involved outside viscious competition and mean bosses. I guess that leaves the nice office. With live plants.

I’m coming out with all this because at work I got to write, produce, co-animate, co-direct and star in a 15 minute animated film for teaching students how to use the internet for their research (coming to computer screens near you shortly).

In America, there is no way I would have gotten all that experience in 1 month.

In America, I also wouldn’t have a fun, non-Dilbertesque, non-Office Space marketing job.






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