Playing messenger.

I spent this evening meeting with Israeli shlichim who are about to embark on individual trips across the world to engage diaspora Jewry in their home diaspora communities. I was asked to be there as a recent oleh, to discuss the process from the oleh’s point of view and to discuss/warn of my home town’s characterstics.

It was really enjoyable, especially talking about my point of view with idealistic go-getter shlichim who have yet to become the truly egotistical bombastic shlichim they will probably turn out to be (at least most of them).

But I also got to learn about the shlichut process itself. It’s something that we want to do, no secret there. We probably couldn’t even discuss it with the Jewish Agency for another 4-5 years. It’s definitely in the plans though.

…And where would I love to go promote Jewish culture?

At the moment, Eire






  1. ifyouwillit Avatar

    Ireland’s a beautiful place, the chance to live there for a while would be a golden oppertunity.

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