Stars for winners!****

My first* World Cup and my** team won***!

* First one I paid attention too ever.
** “my”, as in, I certainly wasn’t going for France.
*** Man, they stole the thing in the tie-breaking kick offs, when really they were exhausted and should have lost early, but good on them!
**** It’s late, and that’s the subject line.

Also, yelling “Yesh!*****” has officially become a natural thing for me.

***** “Yesh” is an Israeli term of approval, excitement, kind of like the way we say, “Yes!” especially when someone scores a “Goooooal!”






  1. Dot Co Dot Il Avatar
    Dot Co Dot Il

    You are 100% correct. Italy will now have four stars on the shirts for their four wins.

  2. eliesheva Avatar

    No kidding! I caught on quicker than I imagined.

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