Rocket prep.

For people in the Golan, this is what they are saying to know:

Do not run to the nearest bomb shelter when the alarm siren sounds. The preferred option is to enter protective spaces such as a reinforced room in a private home or public facility. If none is available, enter an interior room without windows. Only if that is impossible should you try to reach the nearest bomb shelter.”

You have “One minute at most. However, the Home Front Command does not guarantee that the siren will sound before a missile hits a particular area. If additional missiles land in the same area, a siren will sound. “

For more information: “Dial 1207 (English: 12-55-111) for the Home Front Command’s 24-hour telephone hotline, or visit the Web site: Announcements are also broadcast on television, Channel 33.”

All in Haaretz.






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