August 9th.

It’s August 9th.

It marks a full month of fighting up North and in Lebanon. It’s also the day I’m getting married here, in Jerusalem.

My country is in wartime, and some wedding guests and band members were called up in the last few days. It could be worse. There are hundreds of couples from the North who can’t hold their weddings there because of the war.

No one asks me if I’m nervous because they see that I’m really calm… I’m the calmest bride “anyone’s ever seen…”

But what’s to be nervous about?

The decision?
I’ve been sitting on a decision for 6 months (a really long engagement, by the way).

The party?
It’s set, it’s laid back and low key.

The rest of my life?
Who can sit around and think about the rest of their lives right now? With so much to do now, I can’t be busy with 20 years from now.

So that’s it, here we go… It should be a fun time!






  1. Rafi G Avatar
    Rafi G

    enjoy it! it is a (hopefully) once in a lifetime event…

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