Aw, how nechmad!

So I was hesitant to register anywhere for wedding gifts because: a. I didn’t think there was anywhere to register in Israel, and b. I feel weird telling people where to get my gifts (I feel weird enough receiving them).

Friends kept telling me to register, though, as a convenience for wedding guests and because it can be really fun picking out what you get so you avoid crappy gifts. Finally, a few weeks ago, we figured, eh why not.

Nechmad is a decorative home store (it also means “cute”), kind of like Pier 1 Imports but nicer and with fancy kitchenware too. At first it was awkward holding a piece if paper and a pen to write down bar code numbers as if it was a letter to Santa (I know in the States you get a laser gun thing). The lady at the store didn’t feel bad though. She was all for writing as much down as possible.

After picking up a garlic cruncher thing for 80 NIS and a salad bowl for 150 NIS, I got kind of merry and we went a little nuts. I don’t even know if I even like all the stuff we picked out, but it sure was fun picking up random things and making excuses for why we’d need one. Totally against my life philosophy, but I got drunk with power and we let ourselves go.

And there we are, listed in the window of the store with all the other happy greedy newlyweds:
(Kindly don’t remind us of this post in 25 years when I’m yelling at him for keeping an unused waffle maker, or he’s yelling at me for wanting a hot pink serving tray. Thanks.)






Whadya got: