Interview with no one.

If members of our government aren’t going to be passionate about Israel, why should I be?

I’m angry, like most other Israelis are these days. Especially those in the North and Southwest.

What is anyone doing about all the shit going down on all sides of us, and amongst our own?

I’m sick of governments. I’m sick of diplomacy. I’m sick of war. I’m sick of plans and processes and the UN. I’m so angry at the world for allowing such a bastard of an organization to exist. I’m so angry at people for not caring that they willingly send their sons and daughters to die; to kill themselves in order to kill their grandparents’ enemies. I’m so angry at people who work hard to become the leaders of a place and then don’t give one shit about leading it.

And I’m so fucking sick and tired of us doing nothing, or doing a half-ass job of doing nothing. What the hell happened to us?

And I don’t want to hear what the ‘right’ or the ‘left’ or the ‘religious’ or the ‘secular’ or the ‘kabbalist’ has to say. Or the ‘government’. Or the Muslim clerics or the Iranian dickhead.

So who is going to answer my questions? And when?

Because I’m going to run out of passion.

If the leaders of this place don’t feel any passion for it, why should I?






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