A New York love affair.

I lapped up New York City over the weekend; my pupils are shaped like hearts, like in cartoons, because I’m back together with an old love I left behind.

It started with shopping, obviously. It continued with a foray into the Upper West Side for Shabbat (not too unlike Katamon in quality; but that’s where my friends are so that’s where I go). Saturday night consisted of drinking pretty drinks and laughing.

Sunday night I went to a big ole fancy American dream wedding of friends from college. I felt some culture shock and nostalgia. The wedding was pretty much the opposite of what mine was. I guess most weddings I’d go to in America will be anyway.

The transportation (my brother’s Bonneville) to the wedding (in Long Island) lead me through all five boroughs. I love when that happens: You take a trip somewhere in the city and it leads you all over the place – from the SI Expressway to the NJ Turnpike, George Washington Bridge, Lincoln Tunnel… West Side Highway, Cross Bronx, Brooklyn Bridge, Belt Parkway, Gowanus ExpresswayVerrazano Bridge… And especially at 2 am, visiting your old haunts feels so good, even if those haunts are highways where you’ve spent a total of probably years of your life sitting in traffic.

This time around, the love affair will be a month long; I’m staying in NYC until the end of the holiday season (Succot).

I feel that Billy Joel would be proud.






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