Movie review from the end of the world. And left.

We just finished watching “Sof Ha’Olam Smola” which means, “At the end of the world, and left.” It’s an Israeli saying.

The movie, in short, is about the immigrant scene in the late 60s, somewhere in the Negev; the government is desperately trying to fill the desert with people (the whole “make the dessert bloom” thing). A high class immigrant family from India ends up there amongst mostly Moroccan immigrants. Thus ensues an emotional and extremely funny journey of friendship, family, losing friends and family, cricket, and learning to cope.

What I wonder is if Israelis whose parents were not immigrants can truly get all of it. The movie was funny in its own right, but as an immigrant – and a recent one at that – there was a lot for me to appreciate, despite that my only merkaz klita (absorption center) experience was in Talpiot Mizrach.

OK, I guess Talpiot Mizrach is kind of the end of the world and then some.






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