Meet my little friend.

If you know me, you know I’m crazy for dogs – big, chunky, friendly, loyal, happy dogs. Dogs that run up to you when you come home. Dogs that look you in the eye. Dogs that trust you and are trustworthy themselves.

Dogs are magnificent animals.

For the last 24 years, I never had the chance to adopt one. Living under my parents’ roof, I was told that my dad was ‘allergic’ (unwilling in dadspeak); living on campus pets were prohibited; since I made aliyah I didn’t live in one place long enough until last February; since then I was planning a wedding, going on a month-long trip and settling down to ‘real’ life.

Well, here we are, mid-November 2006.
And here she is: Stella, the most chilled out dog (or living thing) in the Middle East.

She is of the Canaan breed; native to Israel (makes sense with a name like ‘Canaan‘).

A little history:

The Canaan Dog began in ancient times as a pariah dog in Israel. This dog is one of the oldest, dating back to biblical times. The Canaan Dog was the guard and herd dog of the ancient Israelites, guarding their camps and flocks. They were plentiful in the region until the dispersion of the Israelites by the Romans in the 2nd Century, CE. As the Hebrew population dropped, the majority of the dogs sought refuge in the Negev Desert, a natural reservoir of Israeli wildlife. Avoiding extinction, they remained undomesticated for the most part, although some lived with the Bedouins and earned their keep by guarding the herds and camps. Some were also guards for the Druze on Mount Carmel.





  1. Shmulik Avatar

    Mazal Tov! She is beautiful.

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  3. Sara Avatar

    LOVE your dog, I have two alaksans that resemble her much! They can be viewed at a pariah dog website. I think hte gal’s name is Rajashree-can’t remember the URL but I bet you could google it!

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