Doggy etiquette.

I didn’t have a dog in the States, but I knew (or assumed) enough about doggy etiquette by watching Americans in my area walk their dogs.

– Hold their dogs on a shorter leash when passing by other people and dogs.
– Rarely let their dogs run loose unless in a dog-specific park.
– Are careful about letting their dogs and dogs with which they aren’t familiar play with each other.
– Usually never leave dog shit on the sidewalk or let their dogs pee in other people’s yards.
– Won’t assume a dog is allowed in a store, restaurant or other indoor area (because they’re not).
– Are generally very polite in the dog walking world.

American law enforcement makes a noticable presence; signs plead to dog walkers to clean up after their pets and “No dog” signs are prominent in places where dogs are not allowed.

-Pretty much don’t follow a certain guideline; some are polite, many are not.

I’ve been following my American guidelines for the last two weeks she’s been with me. I figure someone has to.






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