Not being Israeli naivete.

Sometimes I miss not being Israeli so that I could come here and feel the naive happiness at being back in Israel after however many months. Before I moved here, a year and a half didn’t go by when I hadn’t visited since I was 18. Every time I had this feeling as I’d look out the window of the Nesher going wherever I was going.

On Tuesday I went to the airport to greet my brother who is here on the Leading Up North volunteer program for the next week or so. As I rode in the Nesher back to Jerusalem, everyone certainly assumed I had just landed as well. I felt strange. I looked out the window but really I just wanted to go to sleep because I had gotten up at 5 a.m.

O.k., so it might have been different had I actually landed, even if I do live here. But still, it’s weird that something that could feel one way for so long could fade in two years.

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