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Talpiot – a section in south Jerusalem – is known as the ‘industrial area’. That makes it sound awful, when in fact Talpiot is chock full of other things besides car dealerships, lumberyards and Russians.

It’s the place to go if you want to choose from six different enormous supermarkets, if you want to get your driver’s licence and if you are an artist looking for craft materials. There are at least four solid craft stores where you can get really cool materials for projects.

Since I broke our makeshift glass coffee table (window pane + window frame + wooden legs my brother built)… ahem, twice… I figured I’d make something a little more durable this time. That, and I have been having a craving for mosaic tiles.

Aside from feeling like an -aholic in rehab, it was quite soothing to place each individual tile in its place:

I like it because I did an art project that a three-year-old can do and actually made a funky coffee table for our living room.

I also like it because, I have to admit, look at all the pretty colours…

Mmmm… Colours…






  1. Nicole Avatar

    Have been thinking about doing something similar, but was not sure of the costs. Can you tell us how much the materials cost you?

  2. eliesheva Avatar

    Sure… Each bag of tiles was 30 shekel (7 USD) at the store I bought it from but more expensive in other stores (up to 40 shek).

    One bag of tiles did a little less than half that table (took me 2 bags and change).

    Glue was also 30 shekel a tube and I need one tube per bag.

    I used thin wooden sticks to spread the glue on the surface but I already had those; they are like glorified Popsicle sticks.

    Is this turning into an SAT question or what?

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