Happy Burnout-avoidance Month.

So the Nesher just called telling us that we have a few more minutes until they arrive to take us to the airport; that’s impressive since Nesher is the only Israeli establishment that does anything early (especially when you’re running late).

We’re off to Australia for the next month. It’s a badly needed life-vacation/ nationality-break/ burnout-avoidance for both of us. It’s my first time going down there (shhh, what did you think?) and it’s an awesome feeling knowing I’ll be seeing new places… It’s been so long… Somehow, in two years, Israel is no longer a novelty and I’m craving a new experience. A month won’t be the be-all end-all, but it’ll satisfy something or other.

I’ll continue from the other side…






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    Dot Co Dot Il

    Enjoy down under!

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