Some first reactions.

Why an Australian would make aliyah – if s/he is not religious – is beyond me.

It is true what they say – Australia is so very laid-back (or if you’re Israeli, you’d say “ze ma ze layd beck”). So content, so calm. No worries. None.

People pick up after their picnics. The kids say excuse me. After every commerical transaction there are always a few rounds of “Thanks, mate.” “No worries, love.” “Grouse.”

Australia is America, without the painful politics, ignorant people and bad attitude. Australia is what America could have been if it was truly geographically isolated (as opposed to pretending to be in the later 19th/ early 20th century). Australia is beyond what annoying, stupid ideolistic American punk-teenagers could ever dream to acheive.

I won’t even go on to compare Australia and Israel… All I can say is this: after riding the Great Ocean Road, I can’t begin to imagine what that must look like to a post-army young 20s Israeli who has never left home…

The one problem with Australia is, that if I ever did move there, what the hell would a frazzled, can’t-be-fucked former New Yorker/Israeli do there?






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