The hi-tech-ization of Israeli me.

If I hadn’t moved to Israel, I wonder if I would have ended up working in an internet company.

I get shocked when I think about the fact that the most experience I have now in anything is probably my day job (internet marketing for a healthy-sized website).

But let’s face it: I’m a writer. It’s pretty much at the center of anything I do. Internet marketing took the position journalism used to hold. And I even have plenty of offbeat marketing experience (if you consider my college activism experience).

What’s to be shocked at, then? Don’t most of us work/write for the internet anyway?

I guess Israel is such a fun place to be passionate about the internet business, what with our ridiculous engineering creativity and out-of-the-box lifestyles.

Yes, I’ve always been interested in being a tech geek. Yes, I know that the interest in itself makes me somewhat of a tech geek (or a geek at all).

But it wasn’t until I got to Israel that a career revolving around terms such as SEO, viral marketing and Web 2.0 became a possibility.

Essentials of a young start-up: sexy laptop and cushy poof.


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