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  • When rockets fly overhead, look down at the grass.

    When rockets fly overhead, look down at the grass.

    When you’re a news junkie, everything sucks all the time. When you’re an optimist, you’ll never give up reading the news because something good is just around the corner. When you’re both… After 1.5 years of our co-directors building the 50:50 Startups tech accelerator against the backdrop of pandemic and evergreen conflict, it was really […]

  • #tomorrow12: Shimon Peres project for Israeli-Arab integration into hi tech.

    In this week’s episode of That’s! So! Shimon! I am pleased to present a new initiative of Israel’s President Shimon Peres and Cisco Systems CEO John Chambers “which promotes the integration of Arab academics into the Israeli hi-tech industry through a coalition of leading hi-tech companies and NGOs in Israel.” The project is called Ma’antech, and […]

  • Israeli Innovation.

    When I think of ‘Israeli Innovation’ here are some of the associations I make: micro chips water purification desert irrigation swallow-able pill-cameras Google, Intel, IBM R&D centers Uzis What I don’t think of is… hair conditioner. I did pretty well though for 10 shekel. Product of the year!

  • Israeli Consulate hosting a Twitter Q&A session.

    And now, for something new and different. So… here in Israel, we are more computers than people. And I know I was a bit snobbish when I wrote about the Israeli elections campaigns using internet tech and themes from their American counterparts. But this actually tops all that for real: The Israeli Consulate has its […]

  • A little late, but a lizrael update.

    Haven’t done this in a while, but here goes. Aliyah At this point, I’ve been living in Israel for three and a half years. Seems like so much longer… I can now count ‘old friends’ I had when I first came, I have a lengthy list of apartments I’ve lived/crashed in, I’ve been married for […]

  • Tzur Hadassah made it to… Plurk?

    Call me a geek, but I found this cool. I just signed up for a Plurk account (I’m still not sure what it all means) but when I was changing my settings and filling in my location, I clicked my country as ‘Israel’, than my region as ‘Yerushalayim’ and, ready to settle on that, I […]

  • You know you're an Anglo-Israeli working in hi-tech when…

    I just received a tweet from a friend: “just heard terrible news…reeling from the shock. baruch dayan ha-emet” And I immediately went to check my favorite news services to find out what happened. First I thought Ariel Sharon, then I thought Gilad Shalit. I scoured the Israeli news sources and then spread out wider to […]

  • Tel Aviv might be hi-tech, but Jerusalem is Online.

    Last night I spent a lovely evening at a hi-tech geek party, otherwise known as MashBash. I love it when my hi-tech self and my Israel self combine into one crazy combustication of awesomeness. There are so many reasons I love these gatherings: They are parties with a premise, so the drinking is casual, the […]

  • ICQ Toothpaste: Because you never know.

    The Israeli hi tech world is alive and…  brushing. Gizmodo posted that the Israeli software company that created ICQ, the instant messenger we all lost our virginity to, teamed up with an Israeli pharmaceutical company and together have created this bad boy of a Frankenstein: That’s right, ICQ toothpaste. Why, you inevitably ask? The Israeli […]

  • The hi-tech-ization of Israeli me.

    If I hadn’t moved to Israel, I wonder if I would have ended up working in an internet company. I get shocked when I think about the fact that the most experience I have now in anything is probably my day job (internet marketing for a healthy-sized website). But let’s face it: I’m a writer. […]