Simchat Torah come early… in Katamonim.

Katamonim never ceases to surprise or amaze.

Tonight – despite a major Beitar game just a few kilometers away – my neighbors celebrated the reopening of a beit knesset the only way it knows how: Music, lights, dancing, bullhorn, clapping and a whole lot of M’pei El…

The party started at the beginning of our one way street, with one police van in front of the crowd and one in back; it seemed fitting, considering these cops were probably also our neighbors.

The music filled our apartment and when heard the obligational bullhorn, we knew it was time to perch ourselves at the window.

“COME OUT EVERYBODY! IN HONOUR OF THE TORAH! (And maybe you have to live here to appreciate the funny in this) COME OUT TO YOUR WINDOWS, YOUR MIRPESOT!”

We turned to one guy and asked him which synangogue the Torahs were going to, considering there are about 14 on our block alone. He just shrugged and said, what’s the difference?

Here’s how it started:

Here’s how it climaxed:

There you have it: The fabulous neighborhood of Katamonim: live, to theme music.






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