Gmar chatima tova.

Yom Kippur starts in a few hours; ideally I wouldn’t be lounging around and writing this, but nothing is ideal. I’ll go start mincha (afternoon prayers) in a few… Mincha of erev Yom Kippur is my favorite prayer of the whole year. It is something about the fact that it is still a regular day, but it’s also the moments right before the holiest of holy days.  So it’s kind of like, no pressure – yet, and then you say this really in depth prayer with pieces of Yom Kippur sprinkled in. It’s also, for me, the first time I get serious since the year started nine days ago.

I’m not the only one getting serious, though. Israeli-run TV stations get very serious and shut down their programming until Yom Kippur is over. I suppose it’s partly because of the spirit of the day and also because the employees need to go do their thing as well.

Gmar chatima tova – May you be signed and sealed for good things.






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