Organizationally challenged.

I’m taking a class this semester on conflict in organizational structure. Doesn’t seem like it’ll be that difficult; the professor is friendly and the material is familiar.

So far I’m finding it quite entertaining, actually: being taught organizational conflict – in Israel – by a middle-age tzabar, a gever-gever who served more than his fair share of army and is the right mix of balding and pot belly to complete the image.

What does a tzabar know about conflict in organizations? If he established the country, then possibly a lot. If he was second generation – like this guy – who knows. He grew up surrounded by the blossoming organizational structure and bureaucracy we know today. He also uses the army and kibbutzim in all of his examples and boasts about his poor English.

All I know is: Maybe I’ll finally get some answers, being taught organizational conflict in this organizational-challenged country by the ultimate Israeli…


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