A bus driver's advice: Sleep.

In the two and a half years I have ridden the 400 bus to Bar Ilan, I have never fallen asleep and missed my stop – until today.

What am I, six-years-old? As I walked up to the driver to confirm and to get the best route backwards, I knew the conversation could go two ways. He could yell at me and make feel dumber, or this:

“We passed Bar Ilan?”

“Yes… Where were you? I just announced it.”

“Ha… yeah… I was sleeping.”

“Sleeping? Wow, lucky you!”

“Yeah… In two years I’ve never done this.”

“It’s great! You slept over an hour? Because you know, if it’s over an hour, that’s a real sleep! Good for you!”

Yeah! Good for me! I was only ten minutes late to class anyway.





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