Stop playing with my heart.

Amidst my packing the apartment, my husband calls to me: “Looks like you got too sad too early.”

Lecturers’ strike ends

“The Coordinating Council of the Faculty Associations and the Treasury have come to an agreement ending the 89-day strike which has threatened the academic school year.

After marathonic overnight negotiations, the parties have agreed to sign an agreement outlined by Ofer Eini, Chairman of the Histadrut Labor Federation and detailing the various wage increases and lecturers’ pension rights.” (ynet)

There, you see that? Can’t we all be friends? Apparently, university begins again on Sunday, but I’m going to find it hard to trust again.And I have two good reasons why:

“But the academic crisis, it seems, is not completely over: The Junior Faculty Association announced a national labor dispute Friday.”

“The JFA claims it wants to attain an wage increase for junior lecturers and “guest lecturers” in various universities, similar to that commanded by senior faculty in the agreement ending the lecturers’ strike.”


“The Student Union, however, has announced that should the implementation of the recommendations of Shochat Committee for reform in higher education be included in the agreement in the last minute – they will go on strike themselves.”


  1. Yosef Avatar

    Does anyone share my feeling that another strike will follow soon?

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