I heart the Tzur Hadassah medical clinic.

This is one of those moments when something really good happened and I have to share it with everyone I know. In marketing, we call that a sale.

Last night I spent my time rolling around in bed and puking my brains out. Not really how I had wanted to spend my Sunday evening, but, sometimes that’s the way it’s gotta be.

Today (at godawfully early in the morning) we made an appointment for the medical clinic up the block, which apparently has a good reputation, even outside of Tsur Hadassah. It takes all four kupot (socialized health insurance companies), they do lab testing and the clinic is freshly painted and decorated like it’s an interior designer’s office. Woo!

But the thing I was most amazed with was how incredibly nice, smart, friendly, human our doctor was. The man has never met us in his life, but after a few minutes of chatting (and asking all the right questions and more) he was doling out advice (unrelated to my sickness) and his cell phone number. He was actually paying attention to details and taking the time to explain how the clinic works and to welcome us.

Sounds like I have a crush, but honestly – when was the last time a doctor was so nice to you? In the States I found that all the good quality doctors were assholes and here, whether they are good or not, they are just cold. Maybe it’s just city kupot doctors.

Or maybe this guy is Anglo, been living in Tzur Hadassah for 15 years, loves his job and sees himself in a young Anglo married couple fresh off the boat to Tzur.





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    Oy! Feel better!

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