Karaoke: The good, the bad, the Jerusalem.

Spread the word: I am in the market for good karaoke as opposed to Jerusalem karaoke.

A friend wanted – uncharacteristically – to get her sing on, so we all ventured out to Capricorn, which is apparently Jerusalem’s only karaoke bar.

Actually, it’s more like a portable karaoke machine + arse DJ + bitchy waitress + funny mistake on the drink menu (see if you can find it on this Zodiac Cocktails list):

Zodiac drink menu

Anyway, Capricorn is located at that odd corner at the end of Yaffo/Shlomtzion in the city center and my advice is to stay far away. Not only did the service and karaoke quality suck, but they wouldn’t start up the karaoke until we had been sitting there for over an hour (after midnight). Jeez, were they embarrassed by our voices or something?

I’d love to find a New York-Korean style karaoke place, where you have private rooms and your group gets to control all the songs and do whatever the hell they want.

I’m assuming at this point that my search has to start in Tel Aviv. Taking suggestions.





2 responses to “Karaoke: The good, the bad, the Jerusalem.”

  1. harry Avatar

    About two years ago I did an exhaustive search in Tel Aviv for the type of karaoke bar you speak you speak of. My search was fruitless. Perhaps something has changed in the past couple of years.

    Not only do I love the private karaoke rooms for privacy but the telephone for ordering drinks is stellar!

  2. eliesheva Avatar

    Aw man, thanks. I will post any finds.

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