Things I can't believe when I return to the States.

It was my longest stretch between my last visit to the States, and I have compiled a quick list of things I’m mildly shocked to notice during the past two weeks I’ve been in New York:

1. Capitalism.

Oh, how I have forgotten this. My concept of capitalism has been dumbed down to long Supersol lines on erev Shabbat. The day I arrived in JFK, I had trouble remembering how to say the word for the big advertising message thingies on the highway… ah, right, billboards.

2. Water usage.

Not gonna lie: I get freaked out here how high the water comes up in the toilet before, even before flushing.

3. Tasteless produce.

My chicken soup is drastically different (and needs drastic amounts of salt) in this sad state. It’s also unfortunate how expensive it is to buy fruits and vegetables. The chicken may have been cheaper.

4. ‘curity.

I suppose there are different types of security. House security, car security, building security, financial security, emotional security… But none of the American types of security are Israeli security. It gets me every time.

5. Loneliness.

In my years as a resident New Yorker, I’ve felt hurried, hasty and rushed through crowds in New York City, but never lonely, not until now. It’s the first time I’ve felt alone in my city of bajillions of people.





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    Wow, aww, sad, shame, disappointing.

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