Avoiding headaches over Yom Kippur, Jerusalem-style.

Ok, coolest thing ever.

It’s not the fact that there might be a way to prevent headaches over fast days; I’m not much of a headache-sufferer myself.

It’s the fact that Shaare Tzedek – the Jerusalem hospital that is conducting the study – totally started it and framed it in a way trying to ease fasting headaches so people can enjoy Yom Kippur for what it’s meant to be, a holy day of reflection and angelic experience rather than a torture chamber of hunger and headaches.

Here’s some info about the study; I emailed them at ykheadache@gmail.com and got this message right after:

Thank you for your interest in the the Yom Kippur Headache Study.

Please make sure that you have emailed us a phone number where you can be reached, so that we may contact regarding the Study.  You may contact us at any time at 054 627 2867.

The following is an overview of the study which should answer any of your questions, and help you decide if you would like to participate.

The intention of the study is to test whether taking a pill before a prolonged Fast will decrease the incidence of Headache during the fast, and to test whether it will decrease the incidence of people breaking their fast.  The drug being tested is in common clinical use for pain control and is not an experimental drug.   If the drug is found to be effective in preventing Headaches during a Fast, we stand to ease the fasts of Headache Sufferers.

Who is eligible for the study?

People who are generally healthy, are between the ages of 18-65, and usually suffer from headaches when fasting are eligible.

How will the Study be Performed?

Study Participants will be divided into two groups.

A. One group will take the study drug when eating their Seudah Mafseket.
B. One group will take a placebo drug (“sugar pill”) when eating their Seudah Mafseket.

We intend to investigate the incidence of Headaches in the two groups during the fast.

When will the pill be taken?

The pill will be taken a short time before the fast, which lasts 25 hours.  After the fast, each participant will fill out a questionnaire about their fast.

How do I stand to benefit?

We anticipate an easier fast for a significant portion of participants. The pill being studied is not inexpensive, and we will be providing it, obviously, free of charge.

Are their any risks involved?

We do not anticipate any significant risks from taking one dose of the drug.  There is, as with any drug, a possibility of an allergic reaction.  Extremely rare complications of gastrointestinal Bleed, Renal, and Liver Problems have been reported.

Could there be any side effects?

Abdominal Pain, Dizziness, and Diarrhea have been reported as side effects of this medicine, although rare when taking one dose of this medicine.

How do I volunteer for the Study?

Please email us your phone number, and we will contact you. Signing up for the study will only take you a few minutes.

Here’s an article from the Jpost reporting the study details.





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  1. Thatdudeyouknow Avatar

    Did you take it? Did it work? When will they publish the results? I’m suffering from blisting headaches every Yom Kippur and my wife has never even been able to complete an entire yom kippur without breaking the fast just because of the headache. It would be great if there was a way to enjoy Yom Kippur for what it’s really supposed to be.

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