The Messiah: Oren Zarif-style.

If you are looking for a laugh – a reprieve from some annoyingly tedious Israeli political news lately – how about yet another Oren Zarif adventure:

Healer hails TV personality Yaron London as official messiah

If you ask Oren Zarif, a self-styled super-healer, the messiah has been here for some time. Meanwhile, the messiah continues to deal with the petty things in life, keeps up with the news and doesn’t miss the days when he broadcast together with Motti Kirschenbaum on Channel 10. 

In his dream, Zarif sees the messiah, better known as TV personality Yaron London, riding through the streets of cities on a white donkey and blowing a large shofar, heralding the redemption. Zarif takes his dreams seriously. That is why he has contacted an advertising agency to begin a campaign to crown London as the official messiah. Of all time.  (Haaretz)

If you don’t know any backstory on Oren Zarif, the mystical Mizrahi healer who advertises heavily in the Jerusalem Post weekend editions, make sure to read up so you can appreciate this new bit in full: 

Then go back and read the urgent breaking news Haaretz had to publicize. And read until the end – the last paragraph is gold.





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