People have been poo-pooing the national security drills taking place across Israel today. I understand why; often the bomb shelters are locked up, uninhabitable, or don’t exist at all in places where they should. However, it’s a government responsibility, should happen at least once a year, and as dysfunctional as miklatim may be now, it’s a start. 

At 11am I heard the radio go dead and then the siren start up. I picked up my sleeping baby and started heading upstairs to our mamad. It’s a cozy place, our mamad; it also happens to function as our bedroom. After putting the baby in his crib, I shut the heavy door and pulled the heavy window closed. I stood in the pitch blackness and thought, shit.

Then I flicked on the light and picked up my (magically!) still-sleeping kid, sat on the bed and pretty much just held him close, staring into space. People live like this, I thought. In probably a decent portion of the world, throughout a decent portion of history, this is normal. 

I couldn’t hear the siren anymore and realized five minutes had gone by. After I converted the shelter back to bedroom, I checked the contents of a box we keep in a closet for emergencies. Batteries, tissues, flashlight, bottled water. It now contains diapers. 

As I picked up my son, peacefully dozing in a tiny ball that is his five-week-old body, I offered him a silent apology for the crazy world we brought him into. 


Note: And then he woke up from that perfect sleep I had him in. Thanks a lot, Israeli government. 



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2 responses to “Normal.”

  1. Ben Darfler Avatar

    I love the tenderness in this post. Miss you.

  2. Naomi Tripi Avatar

    This was such a touching and truthful post. I love your raw honesty, I added diapers to our emergency kit today because of you (I live in San Francisco, but there are always the earthquakes to worry about or the Tsunamis). Thanks for sharing your vulnerable moments of early parenthood. If you ever need advice, don’t hesitate to shoot me a message. <3!

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