It's all about the boobjamins.

Long day. I returned to the office today after a two week (work-themed) hiatus. When I got home at 4:30pm, my husband was on the couch and Koala was on the floor next to him, eating a dreidal (standard fare, really).

I gave Koala a big hello to which he smiled, and, like a really slow bolt of lightening, he came crawling towards me. It was the  fastest I’ve seen him crawl so far. He was determined. It felt so good. My heart filled with squishy mommy-pride and I bent down and opened my arms for him.

When he arrived at his destination, I scooped him up and basked in the notion that he sorta kinda ‘hugs’ now… or more likely, holds on for dear life. I’m ok with that, though. All I knew was that my home right at that second was filled with puppies, rainbows, butterflies and cupcakes. Rainbow Brite may have made an appearance.

But, alas, I know the truth. Right on cue, Koala burst into tears and began clawing at my shirt.

I heard his cries loud and clear: Ma, I want boob!






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