Koala update: Nine months.

At this point, the growing happens behind my back or out of the corner of my eye… I have to catch it when I can. Kind of like I’ve had to do since Koala discovered the stairs two weeks ago.

From the kitchen, I can suddenly turn around and see that Koala is reaching under the couch to get a ball. He looks like a kid.

Or I catch him peripherally, grabbing at the photo albums and I’ll turn and say, “no,” in my fancy stern mom voice. He’ll turn and look at me curiously. A few seconds later a cheeky grin spreads across his cheek-y face.

That cheeky grin. My favorite new thing? Koala knows how to make me laugh. And he uses it. Chances are, he grew to know my laugh while in the womb and is getting me back for all the bouncing up and down I caused him those 39 weeks.

My second favorite new thing? His relationship with Cheerios. The fact he always smells like crackers now. Baby soap and crackers.

Another favorite new thing? The sounds he makes. Especially when he yells at a wall from an inch away.

Or make that the internal rhythm he discovered a couple weeks ago, expressed in the form of a baby booty shake.

Expressive, he is. Koala arguably said his first word this month. During bath time, which is by far his favorite part of the day. He tried so hard, anyway. Da. Duh. Dththth. Duh. Dth. Duch. Duck! The mini rubber duckies he plays with in the bath were so appreciative, too.

My boy is nine months old, and so is my state of motherhood. And as such, I think this week I have truly begun to lose it. Not my mind, but my energy. Any adrenaline or freshly baked maternal excitement that’s been keeping me going the past months has drained, cooled, conked out.

How do all you working moms out there do it? How do I work two full time jobs, one that entails a nine-hour day and the other which requires 24?

I feel spent, and I join my parental peers in the perpetual search for the holy grail of parenthood – an endless, renewable energy source.

In the meantime, I look forward to Koala pitching in on the “Bring your baby to work” days.






2 responses to “Koala update: Nine months.”

  1. Raizy Avatar

    I’m so glad that you include pictures in your posts. I can’t get over how cute he is.

  2. elie Avatar

    :) thanks…

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