The thing about love/hate relationships is that eventually you come back to the hate.

It’s triggered by anything. Items on the news. The news reporters themselves. People on the street. Commercials on the radio. Things your friends say. Things your neighbors do.

So, if you haven’t guessed, I’m in the hate phase. Which is ok, because in a couple days I’m on the way over the ocean to New York for a few weeks.

Bibi and Biden can kiss my ass, and I’ll choose to temporarily ignore Ynet’s ridiculous ‘reporting’ on charedi affairs. I’ll keep  my non-Israeli passport close to me so it doesn’t get hijacked. I’ll turn the other way so I don’t have to see stupid spiked arse hair on my street or solo toddlers dashing across busy main streets in Beitar.

And most of all, I can shop at H&M in the States and not get trampled on, thankyouverymuch.





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